Grand Lakes Veículos has played a fundamental role in improving urban mobility in Angola. In collaboration with Adone Project Management, the company has developed the innovative TURP project (Regular Urban Passenger Transport), which since December 2017 has provided state-of-the-art buses to the local fleet. Initially designed to address the lack of school transportation for students in the public education system, this project has evolved significantly.

By December 2022, Grand Lakes and Adone Project Management completed the delivery of more than 1500 bus units, equipped with cutting-edge technology. These buses include the Volkswagen model 17.210 chassis, Foca Braun turnstile, and Marcopolo or Caio bodywork. With a capacity for 65 seated passengers, each unit is designed to be inclusive, with special seats for people with reduced mobility, and half of them equipped with a lift to facilitate access for people with disabilities.

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In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, all units shipped in 2020 are equipped with BioSafe protection barriers for the driver and the collector, reinforcing the commitment to ensuring the safety of passengers and staff.

Besides bus delivery, Grand Lakes Vehicles and Adone Project Management have played a crucial role in planning and defining operational routes and selecting strategic stops, ensuring connectivity with major commercial, administrative, and residential centers in cities. This work is carried out in close collaboration with experts in technology and mobility.

The program also includes an electronic ticketing system, satellite georeferencing, fleet maintenance, monitoring, and operational management, providing an efficient and safe travel experience for passengers. Adone Project Management and Grand Lakes Veículos continue to lead the transformation of urban mobility in Angola, improving the quality of life of the population and promoting modern and sustainable public transport.

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