CongoBrazza has driven the construction of various industrial factories spanning a wide range of sectors, with an emphasis on the manufacture of materials for civil construction. From tiles and bricks to ceramic blocks and electrical cables, these facilities have fostered self-sufficiency in previously imported products. A notable achievement lies in the successful delivery of a complex comprising 16 factories in the strategic Maloukou-Tréchot Industrial and Commercial Zone, located in the Brazzaville region.

This comprehensive project not only promotes the production of essential materials for civil construction but also impacts the independence from the import of these key inputs. CongoBrazza’s vision materializes in the creation of a manufacturing center that supplies local and regional demand, while fostering innovation and job creation. Through this initiative, the company transcends conventional barriers, consolidating its commitment to sustainable development and economic autonomy in the region.

Currently, three major projects related to health, supply, and basic industry are being developed. The "Eau Pour Tous" – Water for All – aims to drill 4,000 artesian wells that will provide quality water to over 1.5 million Congolese living in remote regions of the country.

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