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The Baluarte Development Association was founded in Brazil and has its pilot project in the capital Luanda, in the Capolo 2 neighborhood. Since 2018, Grand Lakes has become the largest partner of the Association in the Republic of Angola.
The main objective of Baluarte is to provide free education to 450 children, as well as a shelter for 8 children who were taken in where they were in a very vulnerable situation. Work recently began in the Democratic Republic of Congo to recover and house 115 children from the wars in the country, where it also has cooperation with the UN and IOM in the country.

This year 2023, it was decided to expand operations in the community and the project to build a new educational complex to serve a total of 3,000 children in the Capolo II community alone was initiated. Grand Lakes and its director were key for the Association to acquire almost 1 hectare of land, which will be the new place of refuge and care for all the children and families, providing them with quality education, food supply, basic health care and support, as well as technical training courses for young people and adolescents.
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